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Jane says…

KATE Maid of Honor
Sister of the Bride. She’ll tell you we haven’t always had the best relationship and that she’s so grateful we’ve been able to get over our differences and become friends… But, I don’t remember that time! I don’t doubt it happened though. She’s just my sister and I love her.

FLORENTINE Maid of Honor (yes, I have two!)
Friend of the Bride. Flo and I met in German class at Roger Williams. When we were introducing ourselves in class we discovered we lived in neighboring towns in NJ, so it’s been easy to keep in touch throughout the years. Of course, we have a lot more in common other than being the only German majors at RWU, but we do attribute a lot of our similarities to “being German.” It’s just true.

JACQUELYN Bridesmaid
Friend of the Bride. Jackie and I started out as RAs together in Cedar Hall at Roger Williams. Then, during the second semester of our senior year, we moved out together for the “real senior year experience,” aka, living within walking distance to the bars. 😉 Since college we’ve both gone back “home” to MA and NJ respectively and we maintain a standing yearly engagement: the Providence Stair Climb (
our 2012 team). Not that we need an excuse to see each other, but it’s nice to have a guarantee.

JOY Bridesmaid
Friend of the Bride. Joy lived on Alex’s floor freshman year of college. …She’s gotten a little less crazy since then. 😉 No really, Joy is a sweetheart and together with Jackie, the three of us make up “J-cubed” (because all our names start with “j,” get it?). She always brings a certain spark to every gathering and I’m truly honored to be her friend. I think she’s also beat Kate for quickest response time returning text messages: it’s impressive (and convenient!).

Alex says…

DEREK Best Man
Brother of the Groom. What can I say about my one and only older brother? When we were young we used to fight a lot like all young boys do. As we got older though we became best friends and pretty much did everything together. We get together pretty often and hit the disc golf course and always have a good time together!

STEPHEN Groomsman
Friend of the Groom Jane and Steve grew up together in the same neighborhood so I was quickly introduced to him when Jane and I met. Ever since then we’ve been great friends and we constantly chat online since he is currently going to school in Texas. I’m actually talking to him right now and he’s distracted me to the point where I have to move on to my next groomsman. Sorry Steve.

STEVEN Groomsman
Friend of the Groom.  I first met Steven at Roger Williams University where we both majored in Computer Information Systems. After living next door to each other on campus for 2 years we moved off campus together as roommates for our senior year. Steven and I always have a good time together and have many common interests including computers, video games, football, heavy metal, and many others.

COLBY Groomsman
Future Brother-In-Law of the Bride & Groom. Colby and I recently met when he started dating Jane’s sister, Kate. Colby is a great guy and we hit it off right away. As my future brother in-law I look forward to seeing him at more than just family events.


Michelle Jonne

Al Louis Music Services

Lisa Harris

For the Love of Flowers

Kenneth Conover Transportation
Belle Mead, NJ

Great Cover-Ups
Hamilton, NJ

Shop-Rite Bar & Liquors of Pennington
Pennington, NJ

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