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Nov 24 / Jane

Run For One 5k 2014

This race was the Girls on the Run end of the season 5k. I was only asked to substitute coach once this season and that practice ended up being cancelled due to bad weather. I’m bummed I haven’t had the opportunity to coach, but I was happy to help at the 5k. Anne made me a “Course Marshall,” so I ran the course in a GOTR Cape and was charged with making sure the girls were okay: running with an adult and in good spirits.

Ironically, the weather was just as bad as the day practice was cancelled, although it was likely even colder. I arrived and hung out with Claire’s Robbinsville group until the start. When I started running, I picked up Sydney, the GOTR NJ East Executive Director, and we chatted the whole time, running through the cold rain in our neon capes.

It was a great experience, I love this 5k course, my PR is on this course. I loved taking it easy and cheering on the girls. I loved the time I spent speaking with Sydney. I really connect with GOTR, the mission, the values. I just wish I could do more for them. Sydney and I discussed the Sole Mates program. I’m totally in. Expect more from me on that, soon. 😉

So it was not a fast 5k by any means. 30:32 is my official time. As soon as I was done, I went back and walked/jogged the course backwards to check on the remaining girls. My fingers were frozen by the time I got back inside. There isn’t much to say on this being an actual race, because I did not race it. I just ran it with the girls and was happy my entry fee went towards a good cause.

After the race, I followed Claire to her place. With a change of clothes, we went for lunch and had the most amazing mac and cheese at this awesome bistro in town.

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