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Oct 3 / Jane

Changes for 2015

So, in addition to finally getting some blog posts completed this week, I’ve taken two steps towards the future.  The first was a small step, but a fun one. I upgraded my one-day USA Triathlon membership from the Hightstown Triathlon to an annual membership (yay!).

Why is this a step towards the future, you ask? Well, I’ve rather become hooked with triathlons this summer, completing two in a short timeframe, and spending a lot of time biking and running (and a tiny bit of time swimming) with serious triathletes (training for the Princeton Half Ironman). I had so much fun training and talking tri’s that I’ve decided to make the Princeton Half Ironman (HIM) my goal for next year. And as membership is required to race, and also required for Hightstown, the NJ State Tri in July, and to attend the local open water swims, it made sense to upgrade my membership. Why now? Because today, registration for the NJ State Triathlon opened. I signed up both Alex and myself for the Olympic distance. It will be Alex’s first triathlon. =D

The second, bigger, step towards my future involved a phone call and an online order (that was less expensive than my latest race entry no doubt!). I FINALLY took the plunge and ordered my text- and workbooks to become a personal trainer (YAY!). I’ve been talking about it for years (see here, here, and here), and I now feel ready to devote time to study and practice myself. I really feel this is the right move for me. I understand it takes most people 3-6 months to study for the exam, so I will give myself 6 months and see where I’m at. I’m clearly not in any rush, but I need to do this for myself.

My next step, future-wise, will be to sign up for a swim lesson in the winter or spring. If I’m going to swim 1.2 miles for the HIM, I’m going to need to be more efficient!

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