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Oct 2 / Jane

Steeplechase Distance Run 10k 2014

Last year, I wanted to PR in the 10k at this race. So Bill graciously ran me to a PR 54:31. It was home turf, where I grew up, hilly Hillsborough. So we returned, not necessarily for another PR run, but to race, for sure.

Parking last year was a nightmare, so this year I road my bike from my parents house. 10 minutes and 2.9 miles later, I was locking up my bike beside the bag drop. I found Bill, checked our bags and headed to the start. Walking to the start, friend Harry introduced himself and wished me luck.

Bill and I went back and forth, both thinking each other would be faster and we said it’s okay not to run together, we’d meet at the finish. But we ran together anyway, chatting through the first 2 miles. Then I picked it up a bit, finally finding my stride. I pushed it on the uphills and Bill on the downhills. I took water at every other station since it turned out to be the hottest first weekend of fall ever!

We turned onto Amsterdam Road after 5 miles and had one long stretch, a little downhill, then back up to the finish. I saw 51 minutes on the clock at mile 6, bye-bye PR… Then I rounded the corner into the elementary school and sprinted to the finish. The clock had just clicked over 53 minutes and I was hoping for a chip time under that!

Bill was right behind me. We were both recovering when we heard our names and ‘congratulations.’ Turns out Brad had ridden his bike all the way out from Trenton to watch us finish! We grabbed some post-race snacks and I got a little stretch and massage by the local physical therapy group. We meandered around the vendors and took a peak at the results. 2nd place in my AG, really? Cool! So we resolved to stay for the awards.

My official time was 52:45 and it was a 2nd place AG win.



I packed my backpack and biked back home, medal hanging from my neck. I definitely love this race: fun, challenging course; great swag: t-shirt, custom bib, reusable shopping tote; yummy food after; lots of vendors… I’m very pleased I decided to run this one week after the Beast (link? oh yeah, I didn’t write that recap yet…) and that I did so well for it. I was not anticipating a time faster than 55 minutes and look what happened.  =)

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