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Jul 6 / Jane

Happy 4th of July Long Weekend

We’re now in the last hours of the long weekend for the 4th of July.  I’m enjoying the cool breeze from outside and watching the Tour de France day 2 prime time recap.  Verizon has been failing us lately with live events.  ESPN has not been working so I have had to stream the World Cup games on my computer, and this morning, the live coverage of the Tour cut out after only about 15min of having it on.  Hopefully the ESPN issue can be solved before the Germany vs. Brazil game on Tuesday.  Auf geht’s Deutschland!

This long weekend really had been great.  On of the best parts was that it started early.  I got approved to leave work at 3:30 on Thursday.  So, I made a quick run to Shop Rite for last minute party supplies, including a watermelon.  When I reached into the bin for a melon, my luck continued…  I found a $50 bill!

Flo organized dinner in town Thursday night.  Hurricane Arthur was in town too though…  The storm did not make landfall anywhere near NJ but we got some serious storms Wednesday evening and into Thursday.  We enjoyed a drink on the patio, then dinner inside.  It rained during dinner but was cool when we left.  Dinner was yummy, the company was great.

Once Alex and I arrived home, Kate joined us from PA.  It’s the first time she’s stayed at our apartment since we moved in nearly 2 years ago.  It was also the first time she’s met Lily.  Lily was not thrilled, unfortunately.

We had an early morning on Friday, the 4th, also my birthday.  This is the third year I’m running the Revolutionary Run 10k; and the first year my family is joining me to run!  Alex volunteered to ruck the 5k (with flag and 40lb backpack in preparation for his next GoRuck event in August).  I was also able to recruit Kate and Mom for the 5k since we have less than a month for the Jersey Girl Triathlon!  I signed them up as a team (teams of 5 max, top 3 score; it was easier for registration purposes too).

Aside from running a little late (we had enough time to grab our bib and use the port-o-potty), the race went really well.  I ran with Bill and Ali after the 5k went off.  I will have a full race report shortly, but suffice it to say, this 10k was my best ever: 10k PR of 51:55!

Assembling for a family photo.

Assembling for a family photo.

After the race, the family all headed to my parents to prepare for my birthday BBQ and bash.  Friends and family arrived promptly at 3pm and we partied until late.  It was chilly this year, I don’t think it got much into the 70’s, but that didn’t stop us from spending some time in the pool and having a nice bonfire.  It was a great group of people, good food, good times.

Alex and I slept in on Saturday, the first time in weeks!  Then we lounged by the pool and assisted with some party clean up.  We were back home in the evening in time for the Bordentown Fireworks (which were postponed from Thursday due to the storm).  This worked out nicely for us though.  It was a great display again; it’s definitely something for Bordentown to be proud of.

Today we got another workout in.  A 20 mile bike ride, followed by a 5.5 mile run.  It was actually 26.2 miles of movement for me today (yes, on purpose).  😉  It was hot and sunny out though!  My bike computer had the temps up to 97 at one point, although says it wasn’t above 86…  It was hot, and windy.  It felt nice on the bike, but I don’t think I was fully recovered from Friday.  I took a short breather after the bike before I headed out on my solo run.  But I was still feeling thirsty and wiped out; I had to take some walking breaks.  I am glad I got the miles in, even if they were slower than usual.

It will be another busy week ahead, then Saturday is the Spartan Sprint!  I’m really looking forward to testing my training on the course.  I even bought new shoes for the occasion.  Actually, I bought two pairs.  Now to decide which pair to wear…

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