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Jun 4 / Jane

National Running Day 2014


Today is National Running Day.  And despite the fact I haven’t been blogging, I have been running!  I took some time off after the marathon.  My knee was bothering me so much I made an appointment with a sports doctor.  He confirmed my diagnoses of ITBS and recommended physical therapy to strengthen my weak hips. He also cleared me to run, so I did.

I’ve run two 5k’s last month.  The first on the 10th, a trail run that was short of a 5k, even though Bill and I took a wrong turn with the lead group and added a little milage to the course…  The second was part of the Run the Vineyards series on Memorial Day Weekend.  That was a great race, but I ran quite a bit slower than I wanted.  I would like to write a little race report for each still…  Coming soon, I promise!

I started PT really just this week (due to availability of appointments, or lack thereof, but that’s another story).  My knee has been feeling better on my runs.  It doesn’t bother me at all on the shorter runs.  Now it’s back to pain in my foot.  I’ll have to address this in my follow up visit with the sports doc.  For now I’m trying a new KT taping strategy.  I have two half marathons in the next 10 days…

This weekend I’ll be visiting my college roommate, Jackie, and running the Runner’s World Half Marathon in Boston.  Next weekend I’ll be in Philly with my race friend, Gwen, to run the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut 1/2 Marathon.  I ordered a Dirndl to wear for the race, I’m super excited!

Today, Alex and I did an easy 5 miler around Bordentown City.  Headed to PT and the gym tomorrow, an easy run again on Friday, then off to MA for the weekend and race.  I hope to be back blogging regularly soon too!

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