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Mar 17 / Jane

Bordentown St. Patrick’s Day 5k

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Alex and I started our celebration Saturday with the Bordentown St. Patrick’s Day 5k race. I had contacted the race director several weeks ago about allowing the Bordentown Running Club to have a table to get our name out into the community and volunteered us to assist with the set-up of the event. So we arrived bright and early at 7am with green gear and cookies to entice runners to our info table. There was a little miscommunication about our table and the set-up initially. We set up and re-set the table three times before we got it right, directly outside the registration. Other club members had arrived by then and we had talked up some interest in our weekly runs with arriving local race participants.

Bill from PI arrived just in time to do a warm-up run with Alex and I. I was still wearing my shamrock antenna and green beads during the warm-up and figured I could get through another 3mi with them, so we headed for the starting line shortly thereafter. We made our way to the middle of the pack and planned for an easy race. My goal was to beat 26min, really anything under 26:36 would be okay, since that’s what my first 5k of 2014 was and I’d hoped to make that the slowest one of the year.

The horn went off and so did we. Bill and I weaved our way around people until we were mostly in the clear on Prince St. I stayed on his heels through the first loop. I started to get a cramp just as we were approaching Courtland St. and Alex passed me, to follow Bill. They ran ahead of me, but I kept them in my sights. Before the last end of the loop, I noticed myself really slowing and tried to bring it in at the end. I had nothing left crossing the finish, but heard Bill cheer my name.

I’d finished in 25:48, a 3 second post-college PR. Alex destroyed his 5k PR with a time of 25:00! We both placed 7th in our (10-year) age group; if they’d been normal 5-year age groups, we both would have been 4th. Not bad, not bad at all.

We hung around for a bit after the race, chatting with the club members and members of the community interested in joining the club. My cookies were a hit. Even this gorilla enjoyed them:

Irish Gorilla

Irish Gorilla (and the only photo I took from the race!)

I wanted to complete 15mi for the day as part of my marathon training plan. Bill did a 3mi loop with me before I set out into the township. It was a nice loop with Bill but my knee was starting to bug me. By the time I got 3mi out into the township (the blinking light), I had to stop and stretch. The wind was at my back but my knee was hurting. Turning back into the wind was killer. The gusts were up to 40mph and the power lines were shaking like they’d come down any minute. I ran a little faster in those places. But I had to walk once I got back into the city. I walked half a mile before I decided to call it quits and run the last mile home. I ended up with just short of 14mi for the day.

That’s the 3rd long run in a row I’ve cut short due to knee pain. I’m not thrilled with my prospects for this upcoming marathon. I’m going to keep powering through my training, stretch, ice, foam roll, cross train… See what I can do, but I may have to reconsider the full and change to the half if I continue to have issues with the long run.

That done, I took a little nap and prepared for the weekend’s remaining St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. Namely, dinner with my parents at Doug & Fran’s. St. Patrick’s Day is one of two calendar days I give up being vegetarian. The other day? Thanksgiving, of course!

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