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Mar 11 / Jane

Cookies for the ALA

A couple weeks ago, Alex and I raced up the stairs of the Omni Hotel in Providence for the American Lung Association (ALA), an event we’ve done every year since college. But Providence is a small city and the building was shorter this year and the climb over in even less time. It was not much of a challenge. To my point, I wore my HRM and burned a total of 31 calories for 2:34 seconds of stair running. This hardly justifies a post-race beer and burger, although I did enjoy them both immensely.

So after a disappointing (read: brief) climb in Providence, and rejection from the Empire State Building Run Up, Alex and I decided to race the Philadelphia Climb for the ALA: 50-stories, 1,088 steps, and an option to run it twice! Of course, this race is the day before my next half marathon, so I opted not to run 100-stories, this year. 😉 But what fun!

Now there is the issue of fundraising for another ALA event (each climb has required fundraising of $100). We already requested friends and family donate to the Providence Climb, so for this event Alex and I made a donation and my office matched it. But as Team Captain, I figured I should probably make a little more effort…

So I did. I baked cookies and placed them, two to a snack-size baggie, on my desk at work and gave them away as thank-you’s for donations made to the ALA. I made signs and had a donation jar next to the cookies. I spread the word through co-workers and Email, that on Saturday, March 29th, I’d be running up 1,088 steps (50 stories) for the ALA. This will be my 8th climb, although my first in this location (Three Logan Square, Philadelphia).

My goal with this “bake sale,” was to generate $50. Today, I came home with $61! And I still have more cookies, so I’m going to leave them out again tomorrow (Lord knows, Alex and I don’t need any cookies in the house!).  In an office full of vending machines and people selling candy for their kid’s fundraisers, I may even have some repeat buyers for homemade cookies. =)


Donations to Team Marklar can be made by clicking the image above.

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  1. i want cookies! i’ll donate anyway 😉
    Very excited for the Love Run….I couldn’t swing logistics to get out of town for this or i’d have done it.

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