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Feb 18 / Jane

Snow, KT Tape, and a Stair Climb

I should start out that I have not been blogging as much as I intended to so far this year. I’d say the first 6 weeks of this year have been somewhat busy, yet uneventful at the same time. The next 6 weeks will be a blur of activity, so expect more soon!

So far this year, we’ve gotten a lot of snow. So much so I’ve had delays going into work, early dismissals, and even a full day off last week when the snow was just relentless all day, creating nasty road conditions. The constant ice on the Delaware River is pretty neat and a fresh layer of white seems to show up just when the snow starts to dwindle on the grass or turn to brown… We’re even due for more snow tomorrow morning.

Oh, winter in NJ. I’m grateful to have good snow boots and a diesel snow brush for my car. I only wish my windshield washer fluid lines didn’t freeze every slushy morning it’s below 20. Grr!

Photo Jan 03, 9 44 31 AM

Snowy Wreath

Photo Feb 14, 7 59 24 AM

Another snowy morning at our complex.

Training for a marathon in this winter is also quite the challenge. I was delayed a bit early January due to the flu, and right as I was getting back into a routine I encountered snow and ice. I shuffled some runs around and missed many all together. It’s meant a week were my total milage was 22.3 miles, the next at 15.7 miles, then up to 29.4 miles, 22.5 miles, 30.8 miles… What the heck? No wonder I’m encountering overuse injuries.

Photo Feb 16, 11 25 34 AM

Snowy long run.

My first PI workout I wore thick socks and tied my shoelaces too tight (it was about 3 degrees outside). This resulted in pain and swelling on the top of my right foot, the same I used to deal with in college. Back then, the trainers told me I had some deformity on my foot and gave me a foam pad with a circle cut in the middle. I’d match the cut-out up with the swollen area and tape it on my foot and continue running normally… I don’t think I dealt with it all throughout my XC career, but maybe for the later part of 2 out of 4 seasons? This time I did a little more research and discovered I have extensor tendonitis. The best cure is the RICE method and re-lacing your shoes to remove pressure from the area. Brilliant.

I also discovered KT Tape to assist with my foot injury. I’m on my second attempt at “top of the foot pain” wrapping and I love it. It absolutely alleviates the pain when I’m running. It is not gone altogether yet, but it’s also not worse. This would probably be much better with rest, but rest and marathon training do not really go together. Which brings me to my second use of KT tape, for “outer knee pain.” It appears I’m suffering from ITBS in my left knee. Also a lovely overuse injury that is quite a bit more painful than my right foot.

I’m finding information on the subject of ITBS is all over the place and inconsistent as to the best treatment. It’s been effecting me mostly during and after my long runs: hurting about a mile in and stopping before the last few miles, only to flair immediately on walking again, mostly down stairs, and if I’ve been sitting too long. Today is my second day of complete rest from running; I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, but it does get a little better each day. I may try the KT tape again later this week, my first attempt was unsuccessful as it distracted me just as much as the knee pain did, pulling on my knee cap, which as some of you may know is kind of a sensitive spot for me. Okay, not just sensitive, I’m downright neurotic when it comes to my knee caps… I don’t like anything touching them, gross floating bone things… Ick. I’ve returned pants that had a seam over the knee.

Photo Feb 15, 2 24 45 PM

Top of the foot application.

But I’m going to need full cooperation from my body this weekend. This weekend is my 7th annual stair climb in Providence! It’s the standing date my college roommate and I have kept all these years. I’m getting really antsy to compete again this year although it’s not going to be the same. They’ve moved the climb to a shorter building, actually it was the building they started in, in 2007. I’ve been searching for the results from 2007 to see if the time can be beaten, but pretty much all records of the “Wind up the Westin 2007” are gone. I do remember placing in my age group, and that our team did well overall. Suppose we’ll just have to wait and see…

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