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Nov 24 / Jane

Countdown to Vacation!

After the Turkey Trot yesterday morning, Alex and I spent the remainder of the weekend prepping and organizing for our upcoming vacation. In 6 days, we’ll be heading to the west coast of Costa Rica for a week-long all-inclusive vacation with three other couples: Flo and Dan, Issy and her Dan, and Matt and Claire. I cannot tell you how excited I’m getting!

Yesterday, I did four loads of laundry. Today, I picked up our suitcases from my parents house (there is nowhere to store them here), and started packing. I finally took the time to put away the summer clothes I’m not taking with me and filled my drawers with sweaters (since I’ll definitely need this week – brr!!). I added Sardinal, the city we’ll stay in in Costa Rica, to the weather app on my phone. Looks like warm and rainy this week. I hope the rain clears up for us next week, the rainy season should be over by now!

Of course, while we’re looking forward to vacation, we still have a packed week ahead of us! It’s a normal workweek for me, minus Thursday for the holiday, so I have to schedule last minute shopping, hair and nail appointments, and packing around the 9-to-5. And of course, Thanksgiving is Thursday! That means cooking and prepping sweet potatoes and salad, respectively, on Wednesday evening; another Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning followed by brunch with Flo’s family; and then an amazing dinner with both Alex and my immediate families in Hillsborough. With the craziness of the week, I may have to forgo Black Friday Shopping this year, but that’s probably for the best. I can pretty much get everything I need online this year and then avoid spending too much on myself. 😉

So, I think I’m done for tonight. Lily, Tula and I are having girly couch time, half watching the Patriots lose bitterly to the Broncos (it’s 24-0 1 minute to the half).

Earlier today, Lily got stuck in a laundry basket.

Silly Lily in a laundry basket.

Silly Lily in a laundry basket.

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