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Oct 25 / Jane

Keep Calm and Mara-ton?

I have a sign up in my cube at work, “Keep Calm and Marath On.”

photo (15)

I originally posted it while I was off a couple days before and after running my first marathon.

My office is currently in the process of migrating to Windows 7, so there are a lot of IT guys around. One of the IT guys was walking past my cube and asks me “what’s a mara-ton?” I say, “marathon, like the race.”
-“Ohh, so you run marathons?”
“Actually, I’ve only run one, but I’m training for another. I have a half marathon in a couple weeks.”
-“Ohh, only a half?”
“Yes, ONLY 13.1 miles!” <— I didn’t actually say this, but I was thinking it.

Really, dude?

Also funny that this link shows up in my Facebook feed exactly the same day: Runner’s World, blog post from Dean Karnazes, “Twenty Six Point What?”

Who doesn’t know a marathon is a specific distance?  A lot of people actually.  Oh well.

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