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Oct 8 / Jane

Busy One Day Weekend

So I finally have a full two weeks without a race. I won’t say weekends because I had a shortened one this past weekend and am currently on day two of my six-day workweek. Regardless, I was still able to make the most of my one day.

I got in a 10 mile run early Sunday, stopping 9 miles in to check out the Cranberry Festival in town. It’s mainly a big craft fair and I really didn’t need anything. Still, it was neat seeing all the vendors. There were some homemade jams and jellies, flavored vinegars and oils, fudge and cupcakes, also two local wineries held tastings. But it was hot out again, in the 70’s and I’d just run 9 miles, and had a little over a mile to get home, so there was no way I was trying any wine or fudge. I got to the end of the festival, then turned down a side street and headed home.

After a quick shower and lunch, my parents arrived and we went to Grounds for Sculpture (GFS). GFS is a 42-acre sculpture garden in a neighboring town. It’s modern and beautiful and just really interesting. We enjoyed walking around and taking photos.

Photo Oct 06, 2 36 40 PM

GSF, where peacocks run wild.

No clue who the kid was.  His parents wanted him to mimic the picture, this is what he came up with.  Too adorable not to photograph!

No clue who the kid is. His parents wanted him to mimic the picture, this is what he came up with. Too adorable not to photograph!

Photo Oct 06, 2 49 05 PM

Anybody there?

Anybody there?

Photo Oct 06, 3 20 08 PM (1)

Mom & Dad <3

Photo Oct 06, 3 21 45 PM (1)

Photo Oct 06, 3 22 06 PM (1)

Photo Oct 06, 3 23 55 PM (1)

The new Stonehenge?

Photo Oct 06, 4 28 55 PM


And... the best for last!

And… the best for last!

We probably didn’t see everything, some of the site was under construction, but that just means we have to come back! By the time we left we were all hungry, so we checked out the new pizza place in town called the Vault. The Cranberry Festival was closing shop so we didn’t have to park too far away and the restaurant was pretty empty. It’s got it’s own charm, well decorated, BYOB, and, most importantly, yummy pizza. They served rather large portions though, so we brought our leftovers home to Alex, who’d been out playing a club disc golf tournament during the day.

It was a pretty eventful one day weekend. So far, I have nothing on the schedule for this upcoming weekend. I think I’d like to keep it that way.

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