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Aug 3 / Jane

The 2014 Jersey Girl?

Last night mom picked up my race packet for the Jersey Girl Triathlon happening this Sunday. She called me later to tell me all about the transition and logistics she discussed with the race director and other participants. It sounds like a lot of fun! Yes, I think it will be. The race is well supported and has a loyal following of organizers and participants.

A friend of mine raced last year and had a blast! I was looking to recruit friends to run with this year but no one would commit. I watched a video of the race from last year on the race website. Whoa. If these women did it, I can definitely do this! So I signed up on my own.

Mom had the same thoughts looking around at the packet pickup. These women are participating?! I can do this!

I’d asked dad to spectate with Alex since he’s an early bird and my heat (the 5th one) goes off at 7:02 am. It should take me between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete. Really we should be out of there by 10am, which is when the price for parking increases anyway. So, this works out great for mom who now wants to spectate and eventually participate next year. Now my cheering squad has another member, yay!

Mom must have mentioned how much fun the Tri looks to my sister Kate. This afternoon I receive this text message: “Megan mom and I are doing that triathlon with you next year :)” Yes! The more we texted the more people were on board for next year. In the matter of 3 hours we had a team of 7. What the heck? I tried for months to get people to race with me this year. Haha.

So Sunday I’ll be back in Long Branch near the Marathon course participating in my first sprint triathlon. Testing the waters for everyone who may be interested in participating next year!

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