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Jun 10 / Jane

The College Ave Mile 2013

The Garden State Track Club (GSTC) did a great job advertising the College Ave Mile.  Billed as a race, relay, games, beer garden and BBQ, what’s not to like?  I first got the flyer at the NJ Marathon expo, then I started talking to Dan and Issy about it and I was able to convince Alex to join a two-person team with me to run the relay.

Team Hallsome & Swindon Mallets

Team Hallsome & Swindon Mallets

The weather was iffy the week before and there was a potential for rain the day of.  It ended up being sunny and warm with barely a cloud in the sky to threaten rain.  Unfortunately, the GSTC didn’t get the memo and used the earlier weather report as an excuse to not have any amenities promised by signing up for the relay.  Yes, there were mile races.  Yes, there was a relay.  Then you could walk to the local bar for a free drink in your plastic mug (if you remembered it).  But the games, BBQ, beer garden?!  What happened to all the fun items listed on the map so prominent on your website?

We got there early to find parking and play some games, but instead ended up standing around until we ran with the sub-10min mile group.  Issy and Dan insisted on this despite my explanation that you can’t base your mile time off your 5k time.  Oh well, we all ran well enough to come in top 5 male and female and walked away with a beach ball to celebrate.  Alex ran 7:31.60 and I ran 7:54.80.  We did a short warm-up before hand, but I have no clue how to pace myself for a mile.  Also, I did not wear the correct sports bra, oops?

Another 20min or so and we competed in the mile relay, so each partner running half a mile.  Alex’s foot was hurting after the first run and the heat was getting to us all.  Our mile time was 7:43.10 placing us 53rd out of 57 teams.  Oh well.  We were not the last in the married category, but they didn’t have awards for this either.

We headed over to the bar after for a beer, not the free Coors Light in the plastic mug as we’d all put those in our cars.  It was nice to sit and chat, but the boys were getting hungry, so we headed over to the famous Grease Trucks for sandwiches.  I’d gotten a pretty severe headache in the meantime and laid down at the table while everyone else ate.  I tried to rest on the way home while Alex drove, but the excitement of the race, working 8hours before, the heat and (probably) my beer, did me in.  I got sick on the way home and went to bed immediately upon our return home (it wasn’t even 10pm).  Alex made sure I set my alarm, the next morning I had to be up early to run a 10k!

Had the event included all the games, BBQ and beer garden they promised I think it could have been a fun event.  Unfortunately without those things, it just seemed like a track meet.  Boring.  We won’t be back to this one.

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