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Jan 1 / Jane

Happy New Year 2013!

I never viewed 13 as a particularly lucky or unlucky number, but for whatever reason it’s just not my favorite. That being said, I have SO much planned for this year, I cannot imagine 2013 being anything but awesome. Not that 2012 wasn’t great, it was. Most of the year was spent planning my August wedding; then my sister’s October wedding. The holidays were just as eventful, but somewhat overwhelming. I ate a little too much and took a little too much time off running and the gym and am a now few pounds heavier to show for it. Now, it’s time to get back on track.

Sunday, May 5th, I will run my first marathon. I am also already signed up for two half-marathons (March & November) and two Spartan obstacle races (July & September). Alex and I are again participating in the American Lung Association’s Providence Stair Climb in February as well. So it appears, if nothing else, 2013 will be an active year.

And with action needs to come good nutrition. My and my sister’s weddings in 2012 took up a great deal of my time, and all the great research I’d begun into nutrition and the food industry in 2011 were put on the back burner for the most part. The move into our current apartment October 2011 also made for a poor growing season 2012 since our balcony is enclosed. Thankfully our CSA membership took care of most of the produce we would have grown anyway. This year we are more prepared for the types of food we’ll get from the farm and can better plan meals around them.

I expect 2013 to be an active, healthy year. For that I have a few goals:

1. Run a marathon; and several other races throughout the year.
2. Cook at least 2-3 meals per week; less than one pasta meal per week and less than one meal per week with meat.
3. Join the CSA again; not waste food from the CSA, either by cooking or giving away.
4. Start working towards the goal of becoming a fitness instructor; either by taking a personal training course and/or learning to teach a fitness class.
5. REALLY cut junk food from my diet; limit snacking and desserts.

My goals are completed in two sections, the first part of the year is dedicated to marathon training and keeping up healthy cooking and eating habits (goals 1, 2 & 5). The second part of the year is when the CSA becomes active and meal planning paramount. This is also when I will have the time to start focusing on adding more responsibilities to my schedule, whether it be a class or study on my own (goals 3 & 4).

That said, time to get moving! Wishing everyone else a happy, healthy 2013!!

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