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Jul 18 / Jane

Jane’s Bridal Shower

On Sunday, my bridal party threw me the most wonderful bridal shower! The afternoon before, my two maids of honor, together with my mom, slaved away cleaning a un-air conditioned historic site and prepared to host the event. The rest of my ‘maids arrived Saturday evening and we all got to work baking and cooking more than enough yummy treats! The next morning, we finished preparing all the food and raced over to the site. While my ladies did the remaining set-up, the curator took myself and our guests on a tour of the Historic Wallace House. The Wallace House is on the map today because George Washington and his men stayed here during the Revolutionary War. Across the street sits The Old Dutch Parsonage, this wasn’t always there, but was moved onto this property for preservation purposes. The Old Dutch Parsonage is where we held the shower. I completed my Girl Scout Gold Award here in high school.

The shower itself was fantastic. We had a tea party, complete with tea sandwiches of cream cheese and cucumber, lox, horseradish and caviar, coronation chicken and devilled ham; scones, strawberry cookies, mint brownies, zucchini bread, orange cake and sugar cake; cheese porcupines surrounded by fruit; champagne with St. Germaine; and tea of course! I have to say while the tea party idea was fabulous, it was a little hot for hot tea. Everyone did seem to enjoy themselves none the less and no one was wanting for food or drink.

We played some games, I opened some gifts, okay, a mountain of gifts: it really was a great day. The place looked spectacular, the food was great, the company was the best. I could not have asked for a better shower. All the hard work my ladies put in was well worth it and much appreciated. I love you all! I cannot believe the shower is over and it’s less than four weeks to the big day now!!

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