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Jul 2 / Jane

Jane’s Jersey Shore Bachelorette Party

This past weekend, my lovely ladies treated me to a weekend in Atlantic City for a Jersey Shore themed bachelorette party. Maid of Honor and master planner, Flo, picked me up on Friday evening, along with our friend Lisa. We enjoyed a quiet dinner at Harry’s Seafood Bar, where I tried raw oysters for the first time (a little salty, but not bad); the rest of the food was fabulous. We wanted to try out a beach bar afterwards, but couldn’t decide on which one. By the time we did, they were closing them due to a massive storm coming in. We made it back to our hotel just in time to witness the storm from our room on the 74th floor (not the 74th story- maybe 24th story or so?). It was incredible- and thankfully we were not affected by the distruction the storm left behind everywhere else in the area (link).

I woke early the next morning and completed nearly a five mile run on the boardwalk and back on the beach. The Massachusetts J’s joined us early afternoon, followed by my sister, Kate. We lounged on the beach until it was time to prepare for the evening. The final two ladies joined us in the hotel and we set out for dinner at Carmine’s. After a filling dinner we danced the night away at several hot spots in the Tropicana resort. We ended the weekend at a relaxing brunch back at our hotel, the Trump Taj Mahal.

It was an absolutely fantastic weekend! I really had so much fun; I could not have asked for better company to spend my “last fling” with. =) Really, I just cannot believe it’s over! Less than 6weeks to the big day now!!

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