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Jun 12 / Jane

Warrior Dash New England 2012

This past weekend I joined some of my favorite people in Massachusetts (and Connecticut) for the Warrior Dash New England. It’s a 3.2 mile mud run with 12 constructed obstacles (and other natural challenges). Seven of us raced as Team J (since all our names begin with J: Jane, Joy, Jackie, Jarrod, Joe, Josh & John; Jeff, Janice and Serena spectated and grabbed some pictures of us competing). (Alex was visiting his hometown in North Jersey for a disc golf tournament.) I had an absolutely fabulous time! The race was fun and challenging. Our goal was to stick together, so we managed the run and obstacles as a team and finished all together with a time of 1hour 2minutes. I’m really impressed I was able to complete each obstacle without too much difficulty. There was one wall that was seriously high… I just didn’t look down. And the guys climbed up each vertical obstacle first to assist the girls at the top if necessary; it actually wasn’t, we’re stronger than we look. 😉 I’m excited to proudly display my Warrior Dash Survivor Medal at home and am definitely looking forward to next year!!

Yes, we wore our toe-shoes… The pictures on the right are the “before” pictures, on the left the “after.” They got SUPER muddy, but we washed them so we didn’t have to donate our sneakers like many others did. The bottom left is the next day after the race: our shoes came out of the washer good as new! I think Jackie & Joy are officially converts. 😉

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