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May 4 / Jane

The Bridal Party

Well, it’s just over three months to the wedding and all the details are finally falling into place. I’ve been updating the wedding section of our site for a couple weeks with all the new information and will continue to do so up until the wedding date, so keep checking back!!

The most recent update is some information on our bridal party. Here you’ll find some information on the people we’ve chosen to stand up with us at our wedding. I always find myself wondering about the connections of those in the bridal party at weddings I’ve been to, so I hope this will be helpful to you!

It’s worth noting that Steven and Alex moved off-campus into the same apartment Jackie and I lived in our senior year of college. It really was a small community. And Jackie, Joy and I might be adding another yearly appointment to our calendar since we recently signed up for the Warrior Dash New England (we’re crazy you say? yes, probably). =) Kate and Mom are participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run this weekend, so it must run in the family!


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  1. Claudia / May 5 2012

    Thanks for keeping us updated!
    Everybody can do boring 5ks, only the adventureres do Mud or Warrior Runs!

  2. Flo / May 8 2012

    I like this Dirty Girl thing- we should all do that next year. Big fan of the girls only thing 🙂 maybe next year i will be in shape and we’ll all do something like that… :p

    • Kate / May 13 2012

      Flo, you should definitely join for the Dirty Girl next year, it was a blast

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