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Mar 4 / Jane

Providence Stair Climb 2012

My 5th annual stair climb is officially past. For the past five years, my college roommate, Jackie, and I have been running the Providence stair climb for the American Lung Association. Over the years we’ve attracted the attention of Jackie’s father who’s been team captain the last three years and who’s brought the whole family together. Alex and I really enjoy running the climb and having an excuse to visit our friends in MA for a weekend.

This year, our friend (and former boss!) Clayton joined our team once again (he ran with us the first year back in Dec. ’07). We talked running, climbing, weddings and babies. Man, we’ve all really grown up since college, less than three years ago! (And yes, I did wear my Vibrams and neon leg warmers… One of these years we’ll coordinate our outfits accordingly, lol.) We did have matching shirts in 2009, the first year Jarrod joined the team as Jackie’s boyfriend (and one year Alex didn’t make it). It’s pretty cool to think of all the things that happen each year between the stair climb…

Between this year and last, Alex and I got engaged, Clayton got married to his wife, Melissa, Jackie and Jarrod’s first baby was born, I started a new job… Cool stuff.

Alex and Jackie’s husband, Jarrod, played some disc golf the next day at a well-known course nearby their house, Maple Hill. Jackie and I had coffee at a nearby shop and chatted over all the new and exciting things in our lives, weddings and babies (ahh!).

What an awesome weekend. I’m so incredibly grateful to have this annual reason to visit with some of my favorite people (and run for a good cause!). =)

PS. A very happy birthday to Jackie, who is celebrating her first birthday as a mom to 4month old Jordan today!!

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