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Dec 31 / Jane

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday & Happy New Year!

Our 2011 "Family Photo"

Alex and I had an eventful Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Eve with my family. As usual, we were joined by family friends, Fran & Doug and Lizzie & Faith. Great food, good chatter and many gifts later, we headed home to prepare for his family. In the past we’ve gone to Alex’s parents for Christmas day, but this year we decided to host in our new apartment. It was a success, if I do say so myself. There are things to remember for next year and some more items on my future house “wish list.” There was some trouble with getting everything to the table hot, so I’ll have to work on my timing; although in the future I’d just hope for double ovens in our home. 😉

Alex’s birthday was yesterday. We celebrated with some friends at our place. Mario Brothers for Wii is absolutely hilarious with all four players at once.

Tonight we’re toasting to the New Year alone in our apartment. Enjoying some quiet time together with Tula-cat.

It’s been a great year and I’m thoroughly looking forward to another great one in 2012- it is our wedding year you know. =) Back to normal life on Tuesday! Hope everyone had a great Christmas as well. Happy Birthday to Alex! And Happy New Year to you!!

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