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Dec 21 / Jane

Super Fudge

This is the fudge recipe I’ve been using for awhile now, it’s fantastic!

4 1/2 c sugar
12 oz. can evaporated milk
1 c (2 sticks) butter
18 oz. chocolate chips
7 1/2 oz. fluff
1 t vanilla

1. Mix sugar, evaporated milk and butter in large pot. Bring to a hard boil, and stir constantly for 8 minutes.*
2. Remove from heat and add chocolate chips, fluff and vanilla.
3. Blend* and quickly pour fudge into a 9×11 pan to set.**

*These are parts where this super fudge becomes a two-person job for me. I typically do all the measuring and pouring and Alex will do the stirring and blending. It’s tiring to do by yourself, but not impossible.
**I pour half then add a layer of mini marshmallows and then pour the rest. You have to wait a minute otherwise the marshmallows will melt and you’ll see the fudge wants to set right away, so while you’re waiting, stir the remaining in the pot to keep it from setting.

You can also pour two 9×11 pans with the first layer, add marshmallows (or nuts!) and make another batch of a different fudge for the top. We like peanut butter & chocolate layered. You can use any chips you want for the chocolate chips called for in the recipe: peanut butter chips, butterscotch, dark chocolate… etc. I also cut the sugar down a bit if using anything other then chocolate chips since they’re already so sweet, to 3 1/2 cups or 4 cups. Can be made in any pans too: I use those little foil ones and give as gifts. Enjoy!

EDIT: We recently made these with 10 oz. Reeses’ chips and 8 oz. chocolate chips. It turned out absolutely fantastic, a definite favorite we’ll be making again!

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