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Nov 30 / Jane

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week was one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, which marks the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year: the holiday season! (I guess my other favorite time of year is summer; I’m such a beach bum!) Either way, this year’s Thanksgiving was not disappointing! Alex and I spent Thursday at his parents’ in North Jersey, eating way too much of the traditional turkey and stuffing and leaving little room for Martha’s fantastic pies! Then we watched, in my opinion, one of the best movies ever, Elf. Christmas movies are just so ridiculously silly and fun, I love them. =)

Friday morning, I got up early for my annual Black Friday venture into the mall. I don’t buy a whole lot in the way of gifts on Black Friday, since I can’t get what I want at the mall, but it’s a great day for deals on clothes and I really just like the atmosphere (the decorations and Christmas music, etc.). I left a little late this year though and the crowds were bigger than I remember from past years. I still got what I needed and a little more, so I’m happy.

Saturday we had Thanksgiving #2 at my parents’ house. Again with Alex’s whole family, and then my sister, her boyfriend and our cousin, Estey, and her new husband. It was a full house filled with good food and great company. Having everyone all together in one place is something I’m especially grateful for!

There’s a lot to be grateful for this year though. A lot has happened to get us where we are today and that’s just fantastic. So in no order, a list of a couple things I’m thinking about this holiday season:
1. Our friends and families. Maintaining and growing relationships even as we are physically moving in opposite directions.
2. Our engagement.
3. Our new apartment. Moving somewhere bigger and better and putting down roots in a community we both enjoy. (Not to mention, Tula loves the new space.)
4. My new job. Moving forward in my professional career!
5. Our Denmark/Germany trip. Being able to celebrate our upcoming marriage with family in Germany and having them all meet Alex.

It really has been a great year so far, and there’s still a month left! =) From my family, to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

2011 Family Photo

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