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Jul 8 / Jane

The Perfect Wedding Date

Alex and I went with both moms on a venue tour of our (okay, my) choice location this past Tuesday. This place is seriously just perfect for us! The best “bang for our buck,” a beautiful garden location, quaint, unique reception space… It can be made very us and I just love that. It’s very “shabby chic” with some modern touches. It’s a location I’m very excited to work with! I’m also thrilled Alex, myself, and the moms are all on the same page now (not that we weren’t before, half of us just hadn’t seen it before!). =)

So it came down to a date after the walk through. My mom suggested in passing a historical weather analysis… Haha, I know, we laughed a little too. But then I made a spreadsheet and analyzed the last 5 years weather data for the two dates in interest. Yes, I am crazy, but I couldn’t think of any other way to pick the date! =) While the two didn’t end up being too different, in the past five years neither of them had rain during the ceremony time slot and that’s the most important! So we choose the one which will be a little warmer, with historically a LITTLE less rain, and when blueberries are still in peak season!

And what is the date you ask?? Well you’ll have to wait a little longer! I don’t want to jinx anything… We are just waiting for the site coordinator to confirm and then we’ll announce! Yay!

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